White ‘Boardroom to Beach' Soft Roll, Button Down Collar Shirt

A true classic. And to say it’s versatile doesn’t come close.

Our soft roll, button down shirts work with every other item of clothing in your wardrobe. Summer or winter, boardroom or beach, with suits or shorts, oxford shoes or bare feet. Throw it on and forget about it. You can be confident that you are sporting a great look –a classic look- and never again will you need to overload your wardrobe with shirt options.

The true magic is in the collar. Soft and supple, unfused with only the thinnest interlining. The blades of the collar don’t lie straight or flat or sink in on themselves.  A true rolled collar should form a natural, soft outwards facing arch, or ‘roll’. And that’s just what ours do, just like the originals of the 1930, 50s and 60s.

We’ve included all those other authentic details: a back collar button, box pleat a looker hook and you can chose to have it with or without a pocket.

Originally worn by 19th Century English Polo players the button down shirt was made famous by American menswear outfitters Brooks Brothers. Worn by such icons of style as Fred Astaire, Gianni Agnelli and Cary Grant, it will perhaps be forever associated with the American college kids that gave birth to a look we know as Ivy League, or Trad.  It took us a dozen attempts, and we scoured the World for vintage originals, in order to make the perfect soft roll, button down collar shirt like those so often described by sartorial archivist G. Bruce Boyer.  

Our shirts are manufactured in the European Union by a family run business which started over two generations ago by making shirts for British Army officers. They still make the Dress Shirt No.2 for officers of the UK Armed Forces. Because we use a small family business our shirts are made to order. 

Delivery is 5 weeks from the time of placing your order. 


Price: $115.00
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