'Summer Winds' Light Blue and Pink Chain Links Printed Silk Tie


  • 8cm (3 1/8”) at the widest part of the blade
  • 154cm (60 5/8”) Long
  • Self-loop
  • Silk from Como, Italy
  • Made in Italy
  • Limited edition

Our ‘Summer Winds’ collection is a nod to both preppy American sportswear and some of the offerings from Europe's most famous fashion houses. We’ve taken the essential elements of this genre, the rich printed silks and bright pastel colours, and deducted the cutesy patterns and childish animal prints in favour of classic British paisleys. The best of all worlds.      

Picking the right tie can completely change the look of your suits and separate coats, helping extend their usefulness. So if you want to add some preppy lightness, brightness and zest to those tired navy or grey suit jackets try one of our ‘Summer Winds’ ties. Our collection is surprisingly versatile when it comes to matching them to your existing shirts. But if we’re talking a touch of American dockside prep then pair them with gingham, Bengal stripes and of course our soft roll button down shirts. 

Both the silk and the ties are made in Como, a region of Italy famed for its fine silks and hand crafted ties. Bulldog & Wasp ties are made in a small family run tie makers and have been designed to sit under the Bulldog & Wasp soft roll collar, providing that perfect collar arch.

Summer Wind? It is the title of a Frank Sinatra song. 

Available for immediate dispatch

Price: $55.00