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Negril, Caribbean Food -Brixton

Wednesday 2 March 2011

It's Wednesday, which means we're over the hump. Time to think about the weekend, and what you might get up to. Westie gives you the low down on a wonderful Caribbean Cafe near Brixton. Ideal for that 'morning after' restoration or a catch up with friends.

Going to this little unknown cafe in Brixton is like going home to Mama’s cooking – even if you’re not from the...

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Monday 28 February 2011

Stunning, aren’t they? 

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Thursday 24 February 2011

Ever since I was a small boy I’ve had a deep and abiding love for Lotus Cars . This is partly the result of growing up a bike ride away from the Hethel factory and test track; in...

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Monday 21 February 2011


Brunch is a kiwi institution and my absolute favourite meal of the day. I hate to be one of those whinging foreigners but Brunch, like fish and chips (don’t get me started), is not...

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Interview with Linda Pilkington of Ormonde Jayne, London

Friday 18 February 2011

With good reason I’ve championed London Perfumier Ormonde Jayne. Not only do I like what they do, I like the way they do it. The scents are original, bold and elegant; it’s one of the few houses to offer Eau de Parfums for men; and everything is made in their London laboratory. What’s more, the business...

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Wednesday 16 February 2011


I’m still thinking about checks, in particular with reference to the idea of the casual suit. Checks are undoubtedly a more casual option than plain greys and blues, or even...

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Monday 14 February 2011

I've been thinking about those check suits again. 

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Monday 7 February 2011


I picked up a copy of the GQ Essentials this weekend, with their additional seasonal shoe guide. To be honest these twice yearly editions with the added trend supplements are the only versions of this publication worth...

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Friday 4 February 2011

The bandwagon for all things 60s and Mad Men-ish rolls on. But I have a clear conscience promoting such a look. I highlighted London based Adam of London and his bang on 60s Mod suits years before Mad Men was a twinkle in a writer's eye.

I’m a lover of check suits and have always had one in the wardrobe, but with the current trend for slim clean lines and bold checks you now have license to let...

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Wednesday 2 February 2011



You may remember that back in September I featured London based fashion photographer Andy Barnham. He was the ex-Army Officer and self taught...