Your Carriage Awaits: New Taxi Service From Archer Adams

Archer Adams Taxi Service

Perhaps it stems from his music industry background but there is always a touch of the showman about Archer Adams. There is always something interesting and novel going on down there on Chiltern Street. His newest bit of showbiz razzmatazz for clients is a private taxi service to ferry bespoke and made-to-measure customers to the shop.

He bought the taxi himself and has kitted it out with comfortable pillows and carpets. This might be the first private London tailoring taxi service ever! Your carriage awaits.

For more on Archer Adams read our review. Since first featuring Archer several years ago, you may have seen his kit has been picked up by the likes of Mr Porter, Fortnum & Mason, Liberty and Berdoff Goodman. Once again proving that where BespokeMe leads others follows.