Under the Radar: Sunspel


I’m not inclined to admit that I’m wrong, as friends and family will testify, (so brace yourselves people).

On Friday I popped in to Sunspel on Chiltern Street having been invited to see the new season collection and learn a little about the brand. On receiving the invitation e-mail I was initially less than enthused.

I knew that Sunspel was an old British brand once famed for its underwear (having brought the boxer short to England) and other than that they recently collaborated to produce the polo shirt worn by Daniel Craig and featured in the James Bond movie Casino Royale. Based on that scant knowledge, I assumed they were just another brand who had been bought out by some slick PR people or LVMH and were just trading on ‘British heritage’ to sell average kit, knocked up in some Far East sweatshop for a fat mark-up. Nothing to see here. Move along. But Chiltern Street is well worth a visit (the home of John Simons, Archer Adams, Trunk Clothiers as well as the new Fire House Bar). So, I decided “what the hell” and took a punt. I was extremely glad that I did and may have found a new favourite brand into the bargain. 

I admit it, on every count I was wrong (that hurt). Full review and debrief to come.