About Bulldog & Wasp

So, why don’t we start with a little Q&A?

Q: Who are you?

A: Bulldog & Wasp is a micro clothing label specialising in classically inspired and hard to find men’s clothing. Our promise is to make clothes to the highest standards and sell them for a fair price. As for me, I‘ve been writing about great independent menswear retailers and craftsmen for years. It started out of a necessity. I could never find the clothes I wanted, when I wanted them, to the right level of quality and for a price I thought acceptable. A few years later, starting my own micro label seemed like the next natural step. And don’t worry, you can still read reviews of other great independent labels on Bulldog & Wasp’s blog, BespokeMe.

Q: What’s with the name Bulldog & Wasp?

A: Our inspiration comes from the rich mine of shared clothing history between Britain and our American cousins. When you think about it in those terms it makes a bit more sense. Bulldog is a tug of the forelock to my homeland, as in British Bulldog, and Wasp is an obvious nod to Ivy-league Americana. As I hope you’ll discover, we take the clothes seriously but not always ourselves.

Q: Clothes You Can Have Confidence In? Are you for real?

A: Damn straight. We’re serious, this philosophy is central to everything we do:

  • Our clothes are timeless. Not suffering the vagaries of fashion they will last you year in year out.
  • Our limited edition clothes are well made by professional craftspeople. No sweatshop labour.
  • Our clothes sell for a fair price. No fat High Street or designer mark-ups.   
  • We think any man can look good in our clothes and we take the time to design them that way.
  • Bulldog & Wasp’s clothes are made to be worn and we hope you’ll enjoy wearing them.  We’re confident you will.

Best wishes
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Andrew Williams, Esq.