A Partnership of Style & Craft

Welcome to Bulldog & Wasp. This is a personal project with a straightforward mission: provide good quality, crafted, classic men’s clothing and do it for a fair price. We’re clear about our philosophy. We started with the aim of creating the perfect soft-roll, button-down collar shirts. And we did it. We followed it up with a range of ties and accessories crafted by artisans from the USA and Europe.

As a mark of our commitment to you, we promise not to use models to show off our clothes. We will give you all the info on our products including where they are made, by whom and we’ll even give you the history of the garment and how it fits into the pantheon of classic men’s clothing. In short, ours are products you can have confidence in.  

We’re not so arrogant as to believe we are the only great independent label out there. So, why not check out our blog, BespokeMe.com. We’ve assembled a formidable list of reviews and interviews with other great independent retailers. Each one shares our passion and our values.